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Austin 18-2-24 Community Bible Study (CBS)
(512) 422-7842  Austin Texas  1903 University Avenue  78705
Austin 18-2-24 Community Bible Study(CBS)is a Bible Study for young adults from eighteen to twenty-four years old. This ministry provides a safe place to study the Bible away from doctrinal differences.

CBS is an interdenominational Bible study designed for young adults to explore the truth of God's Word. CBS does not gather to become its own ministry group, but at its heart it seeks to explore and apply God's Word through in-depth Bible study, teaching, and small group discussion. CBS is intentionally a Bible study open and available to anyone. Each year we walk step by step through a book of the Bible.

CBS is a Bible study. As part of our in-depth approach, we go through the weekly Bible passage in 4 different ways:

Home Study Questions


Core Group Discussion

One objective of CBS is that our members would become confident in their ability to read and understand the Word of God. Many who come to CBS classes have received most of what they know about the Bible from other people and have found reading the Bible to be difficult. When they find that they can not only understand the Word, but also share their discoveries with others, they become excited about Scripture. As people come to understand what God's Word is saying, and as they apply it in daily life situations, they find they are changed. God's Word, understood, has the power to transform lives. That is the purpose of CBS, and why we started this class.

Our goal is that everyone is:


Cared for

Confident in God's Word

Austin 18-2-24 Community Bible Study (CBS)
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