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Austin House of Prayer
(512) 477-AHOP  Austin Texas  2830 Real St  78722
For God -- Who is Worthy! In our time-driven culture, one of the greatest expressions of love is to give another person your undivided attention. This is the core of our vision for day & night praise and prayer -- that Jesus, the Lamb Who was slain, is worthy of this honor from us.

Our primary goal is to facilitate a 24/7 prayer room in the city of Austin. There are Wal-marts open 24/7/365, fast food restaurants that will serve you burgers around the clock, and gas stations to fill up your tank in the middle of the night. Is it not right that there would be a place where God is worshipped 24/7? Is it not desirable that someone would be praying for our broken city during the vulnerable night hours, when so much harm is planned and done? We believe that 24/7 prayer is right and desirable, and join many other communities throughout history and around the world today that believe the same thing.
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