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Africa New Life Ministries
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In 1994 following the genocide that claimed nearly 800,000 lives, Charles Buregeya visited Rwanda and was greatly moved by the needs of the children who had been orphaned by the war. While visiting he spoke in several churches and helped organize crusades to share a message of hope to the nation. It was during this time that he became aware of the tremendous needs of the orphaned children, the struggles of the widows, and the impact of poverty. People needed food, medical care and hope for the future. Charles knew he had to do something to help.

Together with his wife Florence and their strong faith in God they started Africa New Life Ministries, an organization that would reach out to the widows and orphans of Rwanda. They began by sponsoring nine children to provide food and school for one year.

To better prepare to lead the organization both Charles and Florence came to Portland, Oregon, USA in 2000, nearly 10,000 miles from Rwanda to attend Seminary at Multnomah Bibical Seminary. While attending seminary they were assisted by Dr. Tim Robnett, a professor at Multnomah, Tony and Serena Morones, Don Egan from England, and other friends in realizing the call God had put on their heart.

Africa New Life Ministries started in 2001 with about 30 sponsored children, and since then it has grown to more than 2,000 sponsored children, a full primary school, five orphanages, two churches, and many other ministries. Incredible things have happened, thanks to the dedication of so many generous and faithful people, the prayers that have been answered, and the amazing loving kindness of God.
Today Africa New Life Ministries employs 115 Rwandans and 5 Americans while maintaining key partnerships throughout the United States and the United Kingdom in pursuit of our vision.
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Africa New Life Ministries
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