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(512) 529-4507  Austin Texas  P O Box 18962  78760
We believe we know how to effectively tie together the resources, organizations and churches necessary to make a powerful contribution to positively impact communities throughout the world. We believe if we all work together to service the needs of others, we all will win. We truly believe we cannot out give God. When we all give of ourselves and our resources to help people around the world to accomplish their heart's desire for themselves, and their families, then we all sleep good at night. A full stomach and a safe nights rest are not too much to ask for anyone. If we can all do our part, big or small, to help others then we will get to experience the true joy in participating in the lives of others.
Funds to accomplish mission. We have a live program on Channel Austin 11 Thursday nights from 7 - 8 pm. We help connect the people in Austin with ministries.
We truly believe it is time for men and women of God to take a stand for Jesus Christ. Now is the time to stand together in unity within the body of Believers, and we will make a tremendous difference around the globe. Let’s join together and push forward to claim the inheritance that belongs to the saints of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
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