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Common Steps
(888) 333-9350 x501     12400 Hwy 71, Suite 350 
Common Steps is a provider of educational and support services for people struggling with relationship issues heightened by life events such as death, separation, divorce, remarriage, and career changes as well as positive events such as marriage, the birth of a child and parenting. Our focus is on helping local churches and communities with relationship education using nationally recognized resources that provide program participants with encouragement and healing.

CommonSteps offers the following services:

For adults and children:

* Advertising locations and times (online and in print) for church- offered relationship classes
* Distributing free literature covering topics such as parenting, single moms, saving your marriage, and workplace issues
* Connecting to local support resources such as churches, therapists, counselors, and workshops

For churches and professional affiliates:

* Directory listing and online promotion of the Common Steps courses
* Promotion of church events
* Printed advertising to local community
* Discounts on training, consulting, and literature
* Leadership training and mentoring
* Access to our leaders' forum
* Referrals
* Community involvement programs
* Free literature distribution
* Trusted advisor program
Volunteers for content management and literature distribution. We also are actively seeking funds to expand our work in Austin and other Texas cities.
Common Steps
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