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Apostolic Bridge Builders
(512) 538-4544  Austin Texas  P.O. Box 80374  78708
Apostolic Bridge Builders is a ministry connecting different groups of Christians in Austin. Prayer is at the top of all that we do. We pray, facilitate activities and strategic partnerships that connect the whole church to work together in telling and
showing the love of God--the whole gospel to the whole city and beyond. ABB
is bridges for spiritual awakening, church-growth, and transformation of land
and people. Apostolically, we are building bridges across the "five-fold" ministry
leaders in our city and region: between Pastors and Intercessors, among
Churches, denominations, races or peoples, classes, communities, cities,
regions and nations for God's kingdom to come now in our cities and nations.
The strength of the church is the weakest member. God needs every member
of his body function.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a "bridge builder" for God's kingdom in the earth. We build
kingdom collaboration for city, regional & national awakening and transformation.

...Building bridges of reconciliation, unity, hope, spiritual awakening for whole
city/regional and national transformation.

Building bridges,-connecting leaders of different expressions of Christ. Bridging
intercessors and fivefold ministry leaders-- apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors,
Connecting those within and those outside the four-walls --marketplace leaders.

Mobilizing prayer-evangelism, compassion evangelism

City-reaching: the whole gospel to the whole city and beyond

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Apostolic Bridge Builders
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