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City Roots is a concept that involves planting local Christian musicians in coffee shops around Austin and promoting these free shows to the local Christian community. The idea was spurred by a desire to see talented local-area Christian bands join forces and make an impact on Austin's coffee shop music scene and the city. Every City Roots event is held in a family-friendly coffeeshop/venue.

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Coffee Shop & Venue Supporters
  • Awake! Awake!
  • Austin Java
  • Caffe Panini
  • Caffe Teo
  • Common Grounds
  • Dominican Joe
  • Irie Bean
  • JP's Java
  • The Grove at Southpark Meadows
  • Triumph Cafe

City Roots Performances Archive


June 18 @ the Irie Bean
Matt Gideon and Friends, Ps.oneeleven, Paul Finley

April 25 @ the Awake! Awake!
Christian Florez, Betty Soo, Aaron Bryant

March 28 @ the Irie Bean
Dave Thies, Nate Navarro, Paul Emerson

February 20 @ Dominican Joe
Sarah Johnson, The Reliques, Amy McCoy

January 16 @ Triumph Cafe
Wayne Sands, Joshua Ello, Chad Cheney


December 5 @ Dominican Joe
Sean Showalter, Harmony Tope & Josh Caldwell, Paul Finley

November 7 @ Austin Java
Michael McKinley, Christian Flores, Sylvester Treadway

October 3 @ JP's Java
Heather Daniel, Matt Gideon, Unified Theory (Paul and Courtney Sanchez)

July 26 @ Triumph Cafe
Rachel and Jimmy Barkley, Progeny, and Chrissy Lovell

June 14 @ Dominican Joe
Amy McCoy, Joseph Morales & Harmony Tope, Adam Stewart

May 24 @ Southpark Meadows
Plum Tucker, Lindsey Kane, Spoken Groove

May 10, 2008 @ Caffe Teo
Stonefamily Castle Band and Sarah Dossey

April 26 @ the Irie Bean
Grace Pettis, The Stillpoint Band, Dave Thies & Friends

February 2 @ Austin Java
Gina Chavez, Chad Chaney, Aaron Bryant

January 26 @ Caffe Panini
Brady Muckelroy, Megan McCallon, Adam Stewart


November 30 @ Dominican Joe
Chrissy Lovell, Saul Paul, 734

October 30 @ Austin Java
Karis Emerson, Threads, Dave Thies, Paradox

September 30 @ Dominican Joe
Sarah Monteen, Amy McCoy

July 30 @ Caffe Panini
Chrissy Lovell, Jerry Wise, Betty Soo, Isaiah Cruz

July 5 @ Caffe Panini
Heather Daniel, Chris Spencer, Gina Chavez, Joshua Hickman